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Troll Review | Release date | Which OTT Platform

Her own father, a military captain, and the Prime Minister’s advisor assist her in her quest to stop the ‘mystery beast’ from wreaking devastation.

Story Troll Review:

The Norwegian government seeks the assistance of Nora, a paleontologist, in containing a ‘mystery monster’ that has awakened after being confined within the Dovre mountain for a thousand years.


The heart of ‘Troll’ is in the right place since it sends a topical message about the environment; or else, it offers a trite story with nothing fresh to offer to audience in 2022. ‘Troll’, based on Scandinavian legend, never stimulates you and remains as dreary as a dodo. The story is highly predictable, and you can guess what will happen next in almost case in every scene shown on this pictures.

Trolls are a part of Norwegian culture, and this Norwegian film take advantage of on that. The plot centers around Nora, a paleontologist whose assistance is requested by the government in determining the identity of a mysterious creature that emerges after a tunnel is dug through the Dovre mountains hills. Despite deploying all available military forces, the government is unable to contain the ‘mystery beast’ or Troll Movie in 2022. Nora is only able to stop the Troll’s damage after meeting and seeking assistance from Tobias, his father, and a person with an extensive understanding of the region’s mythology. The Troll film also tells the backstory of the Troll and informs viewers that the Troll is exactly, who was locked in the Dovre mountains, is now making his way back home, where the Royal Palace currently sits.

Same as Godzilla?

The film bears many equivalent to the film ‘Godzilla’ released in 1998. The connection is very mysterious, right from the narrative to the attributes given to the movie Troll. The most disappointing feature of the film is that, while digging into a predictable tale, the filmmakers did little to inject unique and novel components into the film. Some sequences appear far-fetched. The film depicts the Troll’s humanitarian side when he saves a little girl from certain death. Wish director Roar Uthaug had used more of these elements while narrating the story. Similarly, the makers could have given more attention to Tobias’ character, as he is the one who initially deduces that the ‘mystery creature’ is a Troll. A detailed backstory of the mass grave full of Troll skeletons, including the skull of the Troll King, would have also made the film more intriguing.

High Class Special Effects

However, it is heartening to see a film make a statement about unchecked growth taking a major toll on the environment, which has been the standard in almost every country. The special effects in the film are commendable, and the performers, particularly Gard B Eidsvold (Tobias) and Ine Marie Wilmann (Nora), have done justice to their roles. ‘Troll’ is essentially a monster movie, although there is nothing ‘monstrous’ about it. We have already been exposed to several similar films in the past thanks to Hollywood. It’s still a formulaic plot with little to comment about, and with an open ending (a few seconds into the end credit), a sequel isn’t far away.

At the end of this article, i have suggest you to that you must watch this movie in cinema’s nearest you and enjoy.

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